Immortals unveils new essentials clothing line and Zero-Profit merch strategy

Today, esports organization Immortals announced Immortals Essentials, a new line of brand merchandise that will be sold at cost. Immortals’ “zero profit pricing” approach on the Immortals Essentials line is consistent with the organization’s broader ambition to lower barriers to entry for fans as well as brands keen to enter or further engage with esports and competitive gaming. 


Immortals highlighted four distinct features of this new merchandise program: (1) enhanced product quality; (2) lower prices; (3) priced at cost to consumers; and (4) free shipping. 


“A strategic pillar of Immortals is to look relentlessly for opportunities to ease entry and lower barriers for fans and brands looking to launch into esports and competitive gaming,” said Immortals President & CCO Jordan Sherman. “At the same time, we want to consistently deliver value back to our existing fans, rewarding them for their passion and loyalty. As our business is contribution margin positive across all business units, we’re excited to offer the Immortals Essentials line in a manner that accomplishes both of these objectives, and yields zero profit to us.”


The Immortals Essentials line brings a fresh new minimalist branding style to a unisex line of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Prices range from XX-XX. Immortals partnered with We Are Nations to create quality merchandise at affordable prices, bringing the “zero profit pricing” initiative to life.


“Immortals’ approach to merch is fresh and progressive within esports,” said Alex Romer, We Are Nations CEO. “We Are Nations is excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking organization like Immortals, eager to engage its partners and new and loyal fans in this way.” 

Immortals Essentials merch at the new price point is currently available exclusively on the newly updated Current merchandise available on the website, including the Point3 collection, is discounted to align with the overall merch strategy.

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